Thursday, December 11, 2008


Clyde was given to the junior officers of HMS Britannia by one of the Queen's ladies-in-waiting. He was their mascot and was often engaged in rowdy games in the officer's wardroom. One such incident where he lost his eye accounts for his eyepatch. Since leaving Britannia, he divides his time between Jon and Cheryl in England and Brian and Mary in the US and travels extensively. Despite some minor physical similarities to Teddy Bears, Clyde is definitely a wombat -- and quite sensitive on the subject. The only passport we were able to obtain for him is a UK "Teddy Bear Passport" -- quite frustrating for him, of course. (Brian also has an abiding dislike of Teddy Bears.)

Clyde's adoptive parents are shown in the photo above -- Mary and Brian on your left --- Jon and Cheryl on your right. They are captured here after a great dinner in one of their favorite restaurants on St John in the US Virgin Islands this past summer. (Clyde is not always good in restaurants and had a sitter).

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