Wednesday, February 25, 2009


25 Feb 2009 – In Sydney Australia. We docked directly opposite the famous Sydney Opera House in downtown. This is a city of 4 million and the harbor is full of hustle and bustle – ferries and sightseeing boats coming and going continuously. The city actually has two main harbor areas – Circle Quay where we docked and Darling Harbor. Both areas are full of restaurants, museums, shops and other attractions with a constant stream of pedestrians.

We took a hop-on hop-off boat tour of the harbor – there are lots of stops other than the two we mentioned – beaches at Shark Island and others, their amusement park Luna Pier, the Sydney Zoo, and the fort in the middle of the harbor built in the 1800s to protect against the Russians.

We got a good look at the Harbour Bridge. This is also a famous local landmark akin to what the Golden Gate is to San Francisco. Paul Hogan the actor used to earn a living painting it and tourists (for about $200) can walk across the bridge on the top of the structure.

Clyde, as always, made some new friends. Ina the pretty waitress in the Japanese restaurant in Darling Harbour where we had lunch; Indrek Ott a crewman on the harbor tour boat; and some aboriginal street musicians. See pics.

Mary had the itch to visit a local antique mall and did that while Brian pottered around in Darling Harbour visiting the Maritime Museum and nearby parks.

We had dinner at a sidewalk restaurant near the Opera House and had fun watching the constant and diverse parade of people going by. We pulled out of Sydney at 1000 PM and are now headed to Brisbane and should arrive tomorrow.

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