Saturday, June 27, 2009


1 MAY 2009 – VENICE AND MURANO – Mary was on a mission to purchase a Venetian chandelier for our dining room so that was how we spent the day. Clyde enjoyed the Vaporetto ride out there and the island itself is very picturesque.

We had intended to return to one of the glass stores that we visited last time and where Mary spotted the chandelier that had stuck in her memories all this time. As it turns out there are 3 Vaporetto stops on Murano and we got off on the wrong one. No problem though – there is no shortage of great glass shops there.
We went through 4 of them an looked at hundreds of chandeliers until we were starting to get confused about which ones we had liked at which shop and decided that we had seen enough. We settled on a style we liked in the last shop we visited – happily it was also among the least expensive. They did not have exactly what we wanted in stock so they made it and shipped it to us. Since I am writing this after the fact the chandelier has been delivered and hung in our dining room. Assembly effort was significant – it had to be wired and there were about 40 odd pieces to be assembled. The colors and style is very similar to the candelabra below. Here is also a pic of Clyde checking out the furnace in the back of the shop where it was made.

Clyde, of course, continued in his role of good will ambassador to small children. It was interesting to note the trend toward pretty young mothers accompanying these children – hmmmm.

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