Friday, March 13, 2009


8 Mar 2009 --- GUAM– We had an afternoon at the beach planned, bu…..t our computer died (no lights at all) the day before and since it was a Sunday there was no hope of getting it repaired we spent the half day we had there shopping. We went to K-Mart first (yeah they have one) – no luck. Then a cab driver took us to a computer place and we bought the notebook computer I am typing this on. We also picked up some essentials that we ran out of or wore out. One thing striking about Guam is how many Japanese tourists they get (85% of their tourists). The tourist hotel area has its signs in Japanese and (to a far lesser extent) English. I wonder who really won WW II. We had a very nice cab driver,
Ador – who spent most of the afternoon with us.

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